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yksi kaksi kolme neljä viisi ....

Recognize this: an-zel, ip-zel, is-zel, miņip-zel, kiok-zel, ipzok-zel, kilix-zel, pak-zel, okoņ-zel, al'ek-zel?

In word form, it is the counting numbers one - ten in the South Amerindian language Cholona. See the patterns involved? Any idea what the word for eleven would be?

Now consider Numbers from 1 to 10 in Over 5000 Languages. If you have an interest in numbers and other cultures, you can spend a great amount of time exploring this resource....focusing on two languages a week, your exploration should last about 50 years! Plus, many informative links are included.

Mark Rosenfelder, a software architect in the Chicago area, created this massive data base. it is offered at no cost via his website Zompist.com, also called The Metaverse. Rosenfelder is a "conlanger," or a person who invents constructed languages. In turn, his website, along with extensive essays on comics, politics, language, and science, includes Rosenfelder's special conworld, Almea.