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Not Really Humor....But This Is True (i.e. read all the way to the end!)....

The following listing was taken from a listing on myspace.com:

Math and other forms of insanity.

Sneaker pimp

About me:
I am a 25 year old Taoist Christian living in Louisville, KY. I like to study mathematics, drink coffee, stare at the sun, and eat fish. My life is best enjoyed simply. I still love cartoons and know that a perfect day must involve ice cream.

Appreciate the seriousness of this moment. The right time only comes for me when I let go of the wrong before it. I usually remember the past inaccurately and try not to use it as a guide. My future is not guaranteed in any way. Such as it is, the only time we have is now.

I would like to have my intellect wrapped in cellophane and freeze-dried. Perhaps in the future, it might be thawed out and put to some use... because it scarcely sees the light of day now. Unfortunately, cryogenics is in its infancy.

Who I'd Like to meet:
Someone who understands the Riemann Hypothesis.