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Howlers Out of the Mouths of Actual Math Students--Part IV

I's sorry I do not know the formula for the volume of a rectangle.

The commutative law of addition is when you add a column of figures from bottom to top and top to bottom and get two different answers.

A square is a circle with four corners.

Pythagoras was the first person to breed a hypotenuse in captivity.

An equation involving x7 is called a septic equation.

The minimum value of cosh x occurs when h=1.

Question: Between any two rationals there is an irrational number and between any two irrational numbers there is a rational number. What can you deduce?
Student: Rational numbers and irrational numbers alternate on the real line.

The image of a right angle under an axial symmetry of the plane is a left angle.

We find the greatest common divisor using Euclid's orgasm.

-/- = + because if you divide one minus sign by another minus sign placed vertically you get a plus.

Source: Desmond MacHale's Comic Sections, 1993, pp. 76-78