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A Look at the Future

In the year 2050, society has advanced to the extent that basic knowledge is now packaged and available in pill form. Stu Dent, in need of some education, stops at the local pharmacy and asks: "I need to become a learned person. What kind of knowledge pills can you sell me?"

The pharmacist replies: "First, try this English literature pill."

Stu Dent swallows the small pill and instantly is reciting all kinds of facts about English authors and societal themes! Feeling great, Stu then asks: "What else do you have?"

Looking at his inventory, the pharmacist replies: "My specials today are pills for world history, chemistry, and philosophy."

Buying and swallowing each pill, Stu Dent immediately is spouting historical dates, chemical compounds, and esoteric theories.

Finally, Stu Dent dares to ask: "Do you have a pill for mathematics?"

After some thought, the pharmacist replies: "I think I have one mathematics pill left" and then enters the storeroom. A few minutes he returns carrying a gigantic pill.

Stu Dent, taken aback by the size of the pill, asks: "You mean I have to take that humungous pill to learn mathematics?"

And the pharmacist replies, "Correct....everyone knows that mathematics has always been a little hard to swallow."