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Bear With Me On This One...I See the Humor

Over a year ago, the MathNEXUS posed two problems related to rates. Problem B was as follows:

A woman drives 30 mph from her house to a store. At what speed must she return home in order to average 60 mph for the entire trip?

At that time, the solution commentary pointed out that no solution was possible. That is, either no more time could elapse or her speed would have to be infinitely fast.

That is, there was no solution until now, thanks to B.G. (Bellingham). He found an advertisement for a Craftsman riding mower, including specifications showing possible speeds of the mower.

Drive System:
Speeds, Forward: Infinite

So, all she has to do is ride home on this special mower and she can average 60 mph, going forward or even in reverse. Check the mower out for yourself.

As B.G. said, "Now you see your neighbor, now you donít!"