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Did You Hear About the Woodsman Who Yelled LOG!

Known for his good grades in mathematics, Peter is pestered by Norma, a classmate who wants to copy his mathematics homework assignment. Peter hesitates, knowing that not only is it wrong, but he could be found out and be punished for improperly helping Norma.

Norma to Peter, trying to calm him down: "Nobody will be able to trace my homework to you. I will change the names of all the constants and variables: a to b, x to y, and so on."

Not quite convinced, but eager to be left alone, Peter reluctantly gives his completed mathematics homework to Norma so she can copy it.

After the homework was turned in, Peter asked Norma: "Did you really change the names of all the variables?"

"Sure!" Norma replied. "When you called a function f, I called it g; when you called a variable x, I renamed it to y; and when you were writing about the log of x+1, I called it the timber of y+1..."