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Math-Phobias Plus!

Reader's Digest (7/1991) once listed some "worry words." Two examples:

  • Foebia: Allergic to enemies
  • Clipnosis: Unconcious stringing of paper clips
These were interesting, but it seemed that the same thing could be done in a mathematical context. Some of my first efforts:
  • Asymtophobia: Fear of getting too near someone
  • Binomialitus: Effects of marriage
  • Viculumphobia: Fear of finding one's roots
  • Trigonophobia: Fear of sin
  • Mobiusitus: Inability to see the other side of an argument
Again, those were my first, quick efforts....I am sure you and your students can do much better. So, give the task a go...and please send me your results for possible posting on this web site.