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I have searched everywhere for a good example that illustrates Martin Gardner's wit, especially when writing his columns. Everything seems out of place when cited in isolation, and the remaining humor has less effect. So, my compromise is to publish two quotations that seem appropriate regarding his wit.

First, in an interview published in the Skeptical Inquirer (March 1998), Martin Gardner explained why he was seemingly a recluse who refused to speak at conferences: "I have often been called shy, and with justification. I prefer one-to-one relationships to crowds. I hate going to parties or giving speeches. I love monotony. Nothing pleases me more than to be alone in a room, reading a book or hitting typewriter keys. I consider myself lucky in being able to earn a living by doing what I like best. As my wife long ago realized, I really don't do any work. I just play all the time, and am fortunate enough to get paid for it."

And second, in Gardner's book Colossal Book of Short Puzzles and Problems, mathematician/magician Persi Diaconis summed up the infleunce of his friend: "Martin Gardner has turned dozens of innocent youngsters into math professors, and thousands of math professors into innocent youngsters."