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Student Airs #5

Mathematics teachers often "fear" yet share the humorous mistakes (i.e. gaffes) that students make on tests. In four previous humor sections, actual mistakes by students on non-mathematics questions have been shared. So, it is only right to share some from the mathematics area.

  • The hypotenuse is a dangerous animal.
  • A prism is a place where they put criminals.
  • Circumference was a knight in the Round Table.
  • A four-sided figure is called a reptangle.

Note: All of these student "misteaks" were collected by Jerry Robinson, who published a set of them each Sunday in the New York News column "Flubs & Fluffs," accompanied by an interpretive cartoon. He did this for twenty years, which implies perhaps that students always will have "airs"! Thanks Mr. Robinson...

And, as a piece of trivia, this same Jerry Robinson was an early (and legendary) artist for the Batman comic book series... in fact he is the co-creator of Robin, Alfred, The Joker, and The Penguin.

Source: J. Robinson's True Classroom Flubs & Fluffs, Scholastic Books, 1970