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The Good Olde Daze.....

This article actually appeared in the Daily Telegraph in the 1980's... Have times changed, with the computer now replaced by cell phones, etc.? And, is this humorous?

By Julian Osherwood

Warning to computer freaks: excessive preoccupation with your machine can reveal a dormant psychosis, report doctors in Denmark's Weekly Journal for Doctors.

One Danish 18-year-old was so absorbed that he neglected his friends and spent 12 to 16 hours a day at his home computer. "he merged with it," say psychiatrists Eva Jensen and Erik Simonsen and psychologist Bent Brok. He began to think in computer-programming language, suffered from insomnia and anxiety, and finally was unable to distinguish between his programs and the real world. He had to be hospitalized and treated for psychotic illness.

The computer trade itself recognizes the problem. Lars Knudsen, director of a high-technology information agency, estimates there are 5000 computer freaks in Denmark. Typically, they are between ages 12 and 18, and 95 percent of them are boys. They sleep into the afternoon and then sit in front of the screen until four in the morning. As their preoccupation grows, the always rational computer becomes a substitute for human contact.