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A $2.79 Mathematics Experience

What to do? My wife buys me greeting cards...not for an occasion, but because they involve "mistaken-mathematics" in some form. Consider this example...

The cover shows a cartoon dog crying, with the phrase: "I miss you 48/14."

And inside: "That's like 24/7, only twice as much."

Think about the mathematics involved....with these additional thoughts:

  • Is 24/7 really fraction notation? If not, why is it written that way?
  • If 24/7 is viewed as a fraction, then, to make it "twice as much," the inside value should have been 48/7, not 48/14?
  • Because 24/7 and 48/14 are equivalent as fractions, does that mean that the card-giver does not miss you twice as much?
  • And finally, as a concept, 24/7 denotes every second of every day of a week...so, what would twice this represent? (Think: what is 200% of everything...isn't it still everything?)
  • By the last comment, since 2 x (everything) = everything (as you cannot have more than everything), I suggest that 24/7 = 48/14 = 48/7, and it is correctly "twice as much"!
Wow...all of this mathematical discussion prompted by $2.79 card (less 10% sale reduction plus state tax = ?)...enough fun, now who can I give the card to...?

M.N. (Norway) adds this comment: "Since 24/7 means "24 hours a day, 7 days a week", 48/14 should mean "48 hours a day, 14 days a week". She loves you FOUR times as much!"