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A Humorous View of Understanding

At a social gathering, the hostess asked Einstein to explain his theory of relativity....

Einstein: Madam, I was walking in the country on a hot day with a blind friend, and said that I would like a drink of milk.

Blind friend: Milk? Drink I know; but what is milk?

Einstein: A white liquid.

Blind Friend: Liquid I know; but what is white?

Einstein: The color of a swan's feathers.

Blind Friend: Feathers I know; what is a swan?

Einstein: A bird with a crooked neck.

Blind Friend: Neck I know; but what is crooked?

Einstein: Thereupon I lost patience. I seized his arm and straightened it. "That's straight," I said; and then I bent it at the elbow. "That's crooked."

Blind Friend: Ah! Now I know what you mean by milk!