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Diagram This Relation...ala Homer & Jethro

A young man married an older woman who had a grown daughter. As a result, her daughter became his step-daughter.

The young man's father, who no longer had a wife, fell in love with his son's step-daughter and married her. When that happened, the young man's step-daughter also became his step-mother. He then was not only her step-father, but her step-son.

When that happened, the mother of his new step-mother became his step-grandmother. (Of course she was already his wife.)

And when that happened, he became her step-grandchild. Since he already was married to his step-grandmother, he also became his own grandfather.

Things became more confused when the young man and his wife had a baby, and the young man's father and step-mother/step-daughter also had a baby.

What are the many relationships between:

  • The young man and his daughter?
  • The young man and his father's new baby?
  • The two babies?
If the above problem is confusing, you might try this video variation of it.....

Source: Suggested by M.J. (Bellingham)