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Battle of the JayWalking All-Stars: No Winners!

On his late-night show, Jay Leno often has a "Battle of the JayWalking Chanpions" that involves three contestants. The episodes make me smile and groan...and then the next day in class, I tell my students I am glad they are sane!

Consider the Tonight Show of March 2, 2010. I was able to record three of the questions, and the responses they generated. And, I promise, what follows is genuine and not selectively altered by myself (I could not be so creative!).

Question A: Who is next in line after the death of the President?

Contestant 1: Guy who lost last election.
Contestant 2: Wife of the President.

Question B: Name the last two states in the Union.

Contestant 2: Puerto Rico.
Contestant 3: Mexico.

Question C: Who wrote Handel's Messiah?

Contestant 1: I have no idea.

Jay gave the clue: "The name is in it."
Contestant 1: Messiah?

And the sad part....one of these contestants announced he/she was preparing to be a teacher!