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MathNEXUS = He Max Nuts or She Max Nut

I enjoy word play, especially anagrams. Below are some of the "best" in my collection:

  • Barrel of Monkeys : More Folks Nearby
  • Conversation : Voices Rant On
  • Debit Card : Bad Credit
  • Insanity Plea : Felony Pianist
  • Bill Gates : Big Stellan
  • Britney Spears : Presbyterian
  • Election Results : Lies--Let's Recount
  • George Bush : He Bugs Gore
  • Clint Eastwood : Old West Action
Now, if you want to explore anagrams of mathematical terms or ideas, consider these two "known" classics:
  • Eleven Plus Two : Twelve Plus One
  • A Decimal Point : A Dot in Place
  • So, I explored anagrams of names for mathematical subjects or mathematical terms...and now I know why they are rarely discussed. The following are the best I could find:
    • Algebra : Grab Ale or Bare Gal or Lab Gear
    • Geometry : Try Me Ego
    • Arithmetic : It Rich Meat
    • Trigonometry : Merry Tooting or Grimy Not Rot
    • Algorithm : Logarithm
    • Math Skill : Kills Math
    • Problem Solving : Problems Loving
    • We Love Math : The Lame Vow
    If you or your students can find some time, play with anagrams of mathematical terms. Send me your best....as I would enjoy sharing them in a later Humor colum.