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A Song I'll Never Sing

Graphing Song
Sung to Home on the Range melody
Oh, you'll probably laugh, as you learn to graph
It's incredibly simple, you'll see
The X is across, just to show you who's boss
And the y is the one vertically.

CHORUS: Domain, domain on the range
Where the X's and Y's are all strange
The X's, Y's a spot
On a graph that you've got
Just plot them, and there they'll remain.

Oh now there's still hope, that you'll learn to do Slope
There's just one division to do
Count from y to the next--Do the same thing with x
Put y over x and you're through.


Now you're finished except, If you need Intercept
Where an axis is crossed, yes-sir-ee
If you don't get unwound, use the slope that you've found
Both crossings you'll easily see.


Note: C.P. sent me this follow-up..."The lyrics to the 'Graphing Song' on the humor part of the Mathnexus site were copyrighted in 1982 by Pat Reisdorf. She wrote several others and put out a cassette (and then CD) called Mathematunes. I especially like the 'Triangle Trilogy' set to the Oscar Meyer bologna song."

I searched but could not find the CD for sale, but I did find this pdf of 84 math songs.