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Two More Songs I'll Never Sing

Triangle Song
Sung to Oscar Meyer ad melody
Lyrics by Pat Reidorf, 1982
If you have three sides the same in length, it's EQUILATERAL
If you have not any sides the same, its always called SCALENE
But the one that ends up hard to spell
Two sides the same, you know it well---
It's I-S-O-S-C-E-L-E-S, and its ISOSCELES.

Formula Song
Sung to Itsy Bitsy Spider cadence
First you write the formula
It tells you what to do.
Then you find the pieces
Shoo be doo be doo
Now you put the numbers in,
And have a little fun.
And calculate the formula,
And then you will be done.

Note: C.P. sent me this follow-up..."The lyrics to the 'Graphing Song' on the humor part of the Mathnexus site (i.e. last week) were copyrighted in 1982 by Pat Reisdorf. She wrote several others and put out a cassette (and then CD) called Mathematunes. I especially like the 'Triangle Trilogy' set to the Oscar Meyer bologna song."

I searched but could not find the CD for sale, but I did find this pdf of 84 math songs.