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The Job Interviews

An investment firm is hiring mathematicians. After the first round of interviews, three hopeful recent graduates - a pure mathematician, an applied mathematician, and a graduate in mathematical finance - are asked what starting salary they are expecting.

The pure mathematician: "Would $30,000 be too much?"

The applied mathematician: "I think $60,000 would be OK."

The math finance person: "What about $300,000?"

The personnel officer is flabbergasted: "Do you know that we have a graduate in pure mathematics who is willing to do the same work for a tenth of what you are demanding!?"

"Well, I thought of $135,000 for me, $135,000 for you - and $30,000 for the pure mathematician who will do the work."

Source: Jerry Becker's Sayings XXXVIII, 8/31/2011