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Stu Dent Says...

Some of you may use funny names within word problems, possibly as "extrinsic" motivation for students. Research (and my personal experience) has shown that most students ignore these humorous names, but that has not stopped me from the practice...ala my collected family of Stu Dent and his twin sisters Pepso Dent and Polly Dent.

The following is a subset of my collection of humorous names...you figure out if and how you would use them:

  • Mini Mee
  • Sherwood B. Fine (actual person..father of my student)
  • Eileen Over
  • Justin Case
  • Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe Law Firm (From Johnny Carson's show)
  • Rhoda Bronco
  • Shirley Nott
  • Aiken Back
  • Willy Hyde
  • Sultan Pepper
  • Ransome Moor
  • Rex Kars
  • Stan Still
  • Rufus Leaken
  • Pat E. Cake
  • Mayhew Droppedead
  • Willie Meter (from K.R.>
  • Millie Meter (from K.R.>
  • Haddie Nuff (from K.R.>
If you have others, please send them to me...and I will add them to the list...as I have already done with K.R.'s suggestions. Thanks.