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A Sign It Will Be A Long Year

It is a new school year, and the teacher is trying to get a feel for the level of understanding of her algebra class. She calls on a student: "Moe, how much is 101 plus 20?"

Moe responds: "120."

"No," the teacher notes, "that's not correct."

The other students call out, "Give him another chance."

So, the teacher asks: "Moe, how much is 10 plus 13?"

Slowly, Moe replies, "16."

"Sorry," the disgruntled teacher says, shaking her head.

Once again, the surrounding class of students chant, "Give him another chance!"

"Moe, this is your last chance," warns the teacher. "How much is 2 plus 2?"

After carefully using his fingers hidden under his desk, Moe responds, "4?"

And the students quickly yell, "Give him another chance!"