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True Story! Honest to Euler!

As context, Karl Fogel is an Open Development Specialist, helping bring "some of the dynamics of open source software development to collaborative government IT projects."

In 2004, Karl purchased a book from the Mathematics Association of America (MAA). He paid by credit card in advance. Once the book arrived, he was sent a bill for the amount of $0.00.

Karl then did what he says "any red-blooded hacker would do when sent a bill for zero dollars by Mathematical Association of America: I paid itÖin full!"

But, even though e + 1 = 0, the MAA sent the check back uncashed, claiming that the "check needs to be wrote (sic) out in US dollars."

A frustrated Karl writes in his RANTS blog: "If you canít write a check for e + 1 to the Mathematical Association of America, whom can you write one to?"