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Don't Get Too Excited...

The Daffy Dictionary (1977) was intended to provide young students with "hilarious and horrible daffy definitions." Below are the only entries that involve mathematics (that have even minimal worth). Do not get too excited!

Aftermath: The period following algebra.

Denominator: The person who names a candidate.

Division: The sense of sight.

Fascinate: A number of buttons you can close. Ex: My coat has ten buttons but I can only fascinate.

Fence: The difference between one yard and two yards.

Forum: Two-um plus two-um.

Fullback: A fullback is equal to four quarterbacks.

Geometry: what the acorn said with pride after it had grown into an oak.

Horse: A six-legged animal. It has forelegs in front and two legs behind.

Rectangle: A geometric shape that has been squashed.

Tangent: A man just back from a holiday at the beach.

Yardage: How old your lawn is.

Yardstick: Something that has three feet but can't walk.

Aren't you glad that is all I could find?

Source: J. Rosenbloom, Daffy Dictionary, 1977