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And Even More Actual Responses to Test Questions

Q: John keeps pigs and chickens on his farm. Among them, they have a total of 43 heads and 142 legs. How many pigs and chickens are on the farm?
A: Two total: One pig with 41 heads and 5 legs, and one chicken with 2 heads and 137 legs.

Q: If an angle has less than 90 degrees, what is it called?
A: A cute angle.

Q: Steve is driving his car. He is traveling at 60 feet/second and the speed limit is 40 mph. Is Steve speeding?
A: He could find out by checking his speedometer.

Note: Thanks to M.T. (WWU) for sharing this book of unfortunate humor.

Source: R. Benson's F in Exams. 2011.