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Four Algebra Groaners

Question: Miss sqrt(7) had three older brothers: cube root of 7, 1/7, and sqrt(-7). Why did she refuse to speak with her brothers?

Answer: One brother was irrational, one brother kept repeating himself, and the remaining brother was unreal.

Question: Why can a ghost solve the equation x2 = -4, but not the equation x2 = 4?

Answer: Because everything that a ghost does is imaginary.

Question: What does an unsuccessful dieter have in common with the quadratic binomial x2 + 4?

Answer: Both are irreducible.

Question: How is driving a heavily loaded truck up a steep hill like graphing the function y = f(x) - 1?

Answer: You need to down shift.

Source: June Oliver. Algebra, Trig, and Pre-Calc Laughs. 2000