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Metric Madness

My former middle school students were challenged to produce "interesting' thoughts on changes to the metric system...Remember, there once was a debate and concerns!

I dare to share some of their "edited" results:

  • Eat a 0.3048 meterlong hotdog
  • Open your mouth and change 0.3048 meters
  • Did you watch Sunday's 0.3048 meterball game
  • I wouldn't touch that with a 3.048 meter pole
  • Measure with a 0.9144 meterstick
  • Let's play in my back 0.9144 meters
  • When parking, look for the 1.09361 yardmaid
  • Eat some 0.453592 kilogram cake
  • Spare the 5.029 meters and spoil the child
  • He talked 1.60934 kilometers a minute Go to the 0.3048 meter of the line!
  • I found a 2.54 centimeter worm
  • The text's page has a 0.3048 meter note
  • See the car race sponsored by the National Hot 5.029 Meter Association
  • Give him 2.54 centimeters and he'll take 1.6093 kilometers
  • Have you read the book God's Little 0.4047 Hectare?
  • Pick your dog up at the 0.453592 kilogram
  • A sliding baseball player was out by 1609.3 meters.
  • See that 2.54 centimeter worm crawling up your arm?
  • My dad calls me his little quarter-liter.
  • Wear a 37.8541 liter hat
Sorry, I swear they actually learned something useful about the metric system as well!