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Some More of the Oldies That Have Been Found!

Continuing from last week: When I started teaching middle school mathematics 44 years ago, I collected math humor that might spice up my classes, writing the jokes on index cards. Recently, I found the pile of cards...and share some more of them below....

Father: I'm worried about your being at the bottom of the class.

Son: Don't worry Dad, they teach the same stuff at both ends.

"I can;t figure it out," said the small boy trying to get his father to help him with his arithmetic. "If a carpenter was paid $3 a day, how much did he earn in four days?"

"No wonder you can't figure it out," replied the father. "That's not arithmetic--That's ancient history!"

"When are you going back to school Tom?"

"I'm not going back, 'cause my teacher's gone crazy."

"Gone crazy?"

"Yes. One day she told us that four and one are five, and today she says that two and three make five."

A school teacher once had a big fellow in her class whom she considered rather dense. As they were talking about ignorance, she asked him "What is the meaning of gross ignorance?"

He rose to his feet, scratched his head, and said: "Ma'am, gross ignorance is 144 times plain ignorance."