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And Even More of the Oldies That Have Been Found!

Continuing from last week: When I started teaching middle school mathematics 44 years ago, I collected math humor that might spice up my classes, writing the jokes on index cards. Recently, I found the pile of cards...and share some more of them below....

Teacher: A fool can ask more questions than a wise man can answer.

Student: No wonder so many of us fail our exams.

A math teacher wrote to the mother of a pupil: "William was absent this morning. Will you please tell me what kept him out?"

"Dear ma'am," was the reply; "Willie is keeping time for his father. Last night he came home with an homework problem about how long it would take a man walking three miles an hour to walk two-and-one-half times around a field four miles square. And as Willie isn't no man, we had to send his dad. They left early this morning but I don't know when they will get back. Please make the next problem about something else, as my husband hasn't the time for such things."

A college math professor was struck by a hit-and-run driver, and the police asked him whether he got the license number.

"No," the math professor replied, "but I did notice that if it were doubled and then multiplied by itself, the square root of the product would be the original number with the integers reversed."

Note: Why is this misleadingly complicated...and is there a solution?

Average is a nest. Hens lay on the average...

The math teacher's wife says he was deeply insulted by a mind reader, as he was only charge half-price.