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And the Last of the Oldies That Have Been Found!

Continuing from last week: When I started teaching middle school mathematics 44 years ago, I collected math humor that might spice up my classes, writing the jokes on index cards. Recently, I found the pile of cards...and share the last of them below (more about logic than math)....plus I fortunately threw many of them away!

It was baking day and the busy mother was being assisted by their son.

"Joey," the mother said, "Open the oven and see if that coffee cake is baked. Just stick in a knife and see if it comes out clean."

Joey returned in a few minutes and said: "Mom, the knife came out so clean, I stuck in all of our other dirty knives as well!"

At a rummage sale, a math teacher bought a book entitled How to Hug, thinking he had bought a do-it-yourself love guide. However, he was dismayed later to discover it was only Volume 6 of an out-of-print encyclopedia.

A zoology major was told to do an exhaustive study about fleas. She laboriously trained a medium-sized flea to jump over her finger every time she said "Up!"

Then, she pulled off 2 of the flea's 6 legs. "Up!" she grunted, and the flea jumped over her finger.

Off came 2 more legs. "Up!" repeated the student. Again the poor flea struggled but jumped over her finger.

Then she pulled off the flea's last 2 legs. Alas, the flea no longer jumped or even moved to the command "Up!"

The student nodded sagely, and wrote in her report: "When a flea loses all 6 of its legs, it becomes deaf."