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Groaners With Some Math

Some groaners from a kid's book series called Jokes and Riddles.....Some of them will even have you doing some math!

Question: Which is correct--Three and four IS nine or three and four ARE nine?
Answer: Neither. Three and four are seven.

"My dog knows math. I asked him what 16 minus 16 is and he said nothing."

Question: A man caught a fish that weighed five pounds plus half of its own weight. How much did it weigh?
Answer: Ten pounds.

Question:I'm taking three courses in college: French, Spanish, and Algebra
Sal: Okay--let me hear you say hello in algebra.

A PERSONAL NOTE: The last one is supposed to be humorous, but consider the following...."Use a calculator to solve X - 289 = 845....now rotate the calculator (i.e. turn it upside down)...and read the screen!