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Student-Constructed Valentines

To celebrate Valentine's Day, a local middle school teacher (and good friend) gave his students this assignment: Write a Valentine message containing a mathematics word with a double meaning.

The students were quite clever, with some samples such as:

  • Valentine, sometimes our love is on the slope, but if you leave, I'll rise and run after you.
  • Our love goes further than the circumference of the sky.
  • The angle of my love grows wider every day!
  • Valentine, our relationship is so complex, yet it's like we're naturals!
  • No need to put the words in expanded form, when it's as simple as "I Love You!"
  • Love is the transversal of my life. Be my Valentine.
  • You're the prime factor of my equation.
  • You don't have to use the addition property of equations to tell you that Me+U=Love.
  • Valentine, can I explore your surface area.
  • You've got absolute value to me. Be my valentine.
  • Valentine, there is something about your associative property that brings me to say: Be my valentine.
  • Valentine, without you I's an empty set.
  • Valentine, you don't have to act like a zero around me. Just act natural and be my valentine.
  • Please don't make me be improper. Be my valentine.
  • Valentine, it's not the circumference of my heart, it's the area of my love that counts. Be my valentine.
  • If it weren't for your love, my world would be so negative and I do believe my heart would be in lowest terms. Be my valentine.

Try this assigment with your students...and send me your most creative results so I can do a repeat of this next year.