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There are a myriad of different spellings for my name.......

As a young boy in Russia, my one leg was longer than the other, causing me to limp and not be able to participate in normal childhood activities...so I focused on learning French and mathematics.

Though a revered rival of Lobachevsky as the leading Russian mathematician of my day, I became a foreign associate of the Institut de France.

I was the first to prove Bertrand's Conjecture that for n>3, at least one prime is contained in the interval (n,2n).

I am most prideful of my investigations in number theory and mechanics; my name is attached to a special type of orthogonal polynomials I invented.

Andrei Markov was one of my students, who went on to fame with his discovery of probability chains for events.

Answer: Pafnuty Chebyshev (1821-1894)