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In college, I was forced by my dad to prepare to be a lawyer, which I hated...so I focused on drinking and fencing until I was expelled.

Not sure what to do, I became a teacher of high school mathematics and published papers in the high school yearbook.

One of my "yearbook" papers was recognized as being of high-quality...to the extent that I was given an honorary doctorate and a univesity position where I excelled as a teacher.

I was the first to produce an example of a continuous nondifferentiable function...and it is a very strange precursor to fractals.

One of my goals was to separate calculus from geometry, and base calculus entirely on the notion of number.

I led the movement now termed the "aithmetization of analysis," involving the equating of an irrational/rational numbers with a convergent sequence (not its "limit").

Answer: Karl Weierstrass (1815-1897)