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I was never born, but was fabricated as a prank in the creative minds of a collective group of French mathematicians.

Under my name as a pseudonym, the mathematicians set out to base all mathematics on set theory, model utmost rigor, and create some new mathematical terminology, concepts, and notation (e.g. Ř for the empty set).

Using my name as the author, the group of mathematicians produced a text series called Elements of Mathematics, which eventually had eight dense volumes.

Though the chief spokesman for the group was French mathematician Jean Dieudonné, other key members were Henri Cartan, Szolem Mandelbrojt, André Weil, and Alexander Grothendieck.

No one is sure where my name comes from…some think it refers to a French general, others think it refers to a student anecdote about a hoax mathematical lecture, some think it refers to a statue, and finally, some think is relates to Greek mathematics.

Answer: Nicolas Bourbaki (1934?-)