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Though a succssful doctor and hospital administrator, my main interest was mathematics....and it led to my eventual fame.

I was a founding member of the Royal Society, and was elected to be its first President.

In 1653, I translated Descartes' Musicae Compendium...and others suspect I did it to publize my own version of a musical scale first propounded by mathematician Marin Mersenne.

In mathematics, my primary contributions were in the areas of continued fractions, the quadrature of the hyperbola, and the rectification of the parabola.

Following Wallis' work, my formula for producing a numerical value for pi used this continued fraction:

π/4 = 1/[1+[12/[2+[32/[2+[52/[2+[72/[2+....]]]]]]]]].

Answer: William Brounker (1620 - 1684)