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Hampered by illegitimate status during my life, I was a physician, a lawyer, an astrologer, a scientist, and a mathematician.

I gambled with cards or dice every day of my life, and even wrote the first text on probability (i.e. how to cheat at cards).

Rumors abound regarding my life...being exiled from several university positions, cutting my son's ear off in a fit of temper, creating horoscopes of Christ for the Pope, etc.

My most famous mathematical work is the Ars Magna, which documents formulaic solutions to algebraic equations of degrees 3 and 4.

In the Ars Magna, I proved to be a traitor to the "great" Tartaglia, who made primary breakthroughs in the solution of cubics and shared them with me under a oath of secrecy.

Answer: Girolamo Cardano (1501 - 1576)