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Though I constantly lived in the shadow of my father's fame as an astronomer (he discovered Uranus, the sun's motion, and the form of the Milky Way), I actually contributed more to science on the whole.

My well-known mathematical friends included William Whewell, Geoge Peacock, and Charles Babbage....who helped found the Analytical Society of Cambridge.

As a group, we "upgraded" the state of mathematical analysis through our introduction of the "continental deism."

From mathematics, I shifted to study law....then the science of optics...and finally to astronomy (re-examining some of my father's data).

After astronomy, I took on work in geophysics related to Sir James Ross' expedition to geomagnetically-map the Southern Hemisphere.

My final success was in photography, inventing sensitized paper...and I even made some crude attempts at making color photographs.

Answer: Sir John Frederick William Herschel (1792 - 1871)