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Due to the demand for my talents, I filled many mathematics professorships at the University of Bonn, the Berlin gymnasium, and the University of Halle...and then back to Bonn, but this time in physics.

My major mathematical contributions focus on the analytic geometry of three-dimensional space, especially my special six equations of higher plane curves.

My eponym is a special type of coordinates that demonstrate that the dimension of a space is variable (i.e. the plane is 2-dimensional in points but 3-dimensional in circles as you now need 3 coordinates to establish the center and radius of a specific circle).

My contribution in physics involved the luminous effects of electric discharge through gases at low pressures, especially the deflection of the glow when subjected to a magnetic charge (i.e. this led to cathode ray tubes and thd discovery of electrons).

In 1865 I turned from physics to restudy the field of geometry and invented something known as "line geometry."

Answer: Julius Plucker (1801 - 1868)