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Mathematics Doing Non-Mathematics

The answer to each of the following five questions is the name of a famous mathematician:

  1. Whose genealogical researches in Italy and elsewhere in Europe established the Hanoverian claim of succession to the throne of England?
  2. Who invented the wheelbarrow?
  3. Who devised the strategy of flooding areas by breaching dykes to repel armies invading Holland?
  4. Who, when challenged to thirteen duels by thirteen cavalry officers, accepted all of them on the condition that he be permitted to play a little on his violin between bouts--and emerged the victor?
  5. This Scottish laird held the position of Price Controller of Boots and Shoes in Edinburgh. Who was he?

    [1] Leibniz
    [2] Pascal
    [3] Stevin
    [4] Jano Bolyi
    [5] Napier

    Source: Wish I remembered...it was a newsletter from a country other than the U.S.