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Though my father was a teacher in Holland, my family was so poor that a local mechanics teacher paid for some of my pre-university studies of Greek and Latin.

I lived a long life....106 years, 21 days!

In addition to contributing to analysis and geometry, I am most famous for my establishment of the fields of the history of mathematics and the sociology of mathematics.

I was once indicted for sedition for supposedly being a Soviet spy and refused to answer questions in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee, but the charges were eventually declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

Yet, my political leanings towards Marxist principles (and open membership in the Communist Party) led to my being suspended as a MIT professor from 1951-1956.

Though I had strong convictions and loved mathematics, I could never decide whether I wanted to be a "professional socialist or a socialist professional."

Answer: Dirk Struik (1894 - 2000)