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Being born and raised in Riga, Latvia, by two Jewish schoolteachers, I grew up with a strong passion for political matters and social inequities.

When the Latvian dictator filed a warrant for my arrest ( because I was on soap-box with strong views and wrote for an underground newspaper), I fled to Prague and completed a doctorate in mathematics.

With this degree, I avoided social oppression by teaching mathematics and doing research, while traveling from Prague to Paris to Lisbon to the United States (where I held positions at five different universities).

My research interests included partial differential equations, subsonic flows, and quasiconformal mappings.

Known for being a strong supporter of women in mathematics, I was elected President of the American Mathematical Society.

Again, I had a deep passion for human rights, devoting my life full-time to both my mathematical work and my work as a social reformer.

Answer: Lipman Bers (1914 - 1993)