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After studying chemistry and mathematics at Winchester College in England, I was hired to head the experimental division at the Guinness brewery in Dublin.

Basically, the quest for an improved stout led to my discovery of what is now known as the t-test.

Because company policy forbid the use of my name in publications, my discovery was published under the pseudonym "Student," which is why it is sometimes known as the Student's t-test or distribution.

I am sure my hidden discovery at a brewery made my mentor proud...his name being the great Karl Pearson.

I published many papers in the elite journal Biometrika on the statistical testing of both large and small samples, using the normal distribution as a basis....usually under the name "Student."

In 1935, I left Dublin to finish my career as Head Brewer at a new Guinness brewery in London.

Answer: William Sealy Gosset (1876-1937)