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Born in Hillsboro, Texas, and raised from age six in the small town of Leakey, TX, I eventually enrolled at the University of Texas to study mathematics.

On the first day, I met and talked about mathematics with Professor R.L. Moore...who felt I had mathematical talent to the extent that he arranged to teach every mathematics class I took until my senior year.

Following my mentor R.L. Moore, I have focused my research on point-set topology and am best known for my constructions of counterexamples to well-known conjectures.

After marrying my husband Walter (also a renown mathematician), I took a professorship in mathematics at the University of Wisconsin...where I stayed the remainder of my academic life.

In addition to serving as Vice-President of the American Mathematical Society, I was selected to be a Noether Lecturer and am an honorary member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

My Erdős number is 1 and I live in a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

Answer: Mary Ellen Rudin (1924 - )