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Though born in St. Louis, Missouri, I was raised and went to school in San Diego.

After starting at San Diego State University, I transferred to the University of California-Berkeley where I earned both a B.A. and Ph.D. in mathematics.

My thesis adviser was the great Alfred Tarski, who guided my writing a disseration on Definability and Decision Problems in Arithmetic.

Because my heart was damaged by rheumatic fever as a child, I suffered poor health and shortness of breath as an adult...which allowed me to teach at Berkely only quarter-time.

I contributed to the resolution (in the negative) of Hilbert's tenth problem, which requires an algorithm to determine whether a Diophantine equation has any solutions in integers.

The majority of my research work was in the area of decision analysis and developing non-standard models of arithmetic, though dabbled in statistics and game theory.

Though a one-hour video documentary was made of my life and contributions to resolving Hilberts tenth problem, my older sister Constance Reid is more famous due to her work as a mathematics biographer and popularizer of mathematics for the layperson.

Answer: Julia Hall Bowman Robinson (1919 1985)