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Born in Prussia, I married Ottilie Mendelssohn, cousin of the wife of the great mathematician Dirichlet...plus my daughter Marie married the mathematician Hermann Schwarz.

Trained as an applied mathematician, I was responsible for training German army officers in ballistics.

Later, I taught in a German secondary school for ten years, where I inspired the mathematical career of my student Leopold Kronecker.

Eventually, through the help of Dirichlet, I taught mathematics at the University of Breslau and the University of Berlin...where I worked closely with Weierstrass.

As to my mathematical contributions, I codified some of the relations between different hypergeometric series in function theory and created my eponymic surface by taking the quotient of a two-dimensional abelian variety by the cyclic group {1, −1}.. starting this research program while still teaching secondary-level mathematics!

I also proved Fermat's last theorem for a considerable class of prime exponents, creating the concept of "ideal" numbers which eventually led to ring theory.

Answer: Ernst Eduard Kummer (1810 - 1893)