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Born in Berlin, Germany, my university education was interrupted by German threats that forced me to flee to England and basically elope with Bernhard, a Jewish mathematician.

Working under Olga Taussky-Todd, I completed my doctorate in group theory at Oxford in 1944.

As a friend noted, my "thesis was largely written by candlelight in a rented trailer, to which the difficulties of finding housing had forced the family to move. The typing was done on a card table by a haystack when the weather permitted."

With a marriage and growing family while in England, I taught mathematics and did research in group theory

In 1964, I became head of the Department of Pure Mathematics in the National University's School of General Studies in Australia.

Certain that Australian mathematical education lagged "behind the rest of the world to a frightening extent," I helped found the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.

Known for my quickness in learning new languages, I also enjoyed cycling, botany and photography as hobbies.

Answer: Hanna Neumann (1914 - 1971)