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Born in England, I was raised in South Africa where my father was a school headmaster.

Later, I attended St Paul's School in London, being taught mathematics by the esteemed mathematician F. S. Macaulay.

Early in my life, I won a Trinity fellowship for proving that if the Riemann hypothesis is true, then the Prime Number Theorem follows and obtained the error term.

The majority of my career was spent at the University of Cambridge, collaborating with G.H. Hardy in the area of prime number theory.

I coined an eponymic law which claims individuals can expect miracles to happen to them, at the rate of about one per month.

Still publishing papers in the area of dynamical systems in my eighties, I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, awarded the Royal Medal, the Sylvester Medal, the Copley Medal, the De Morgan Medal, and the Senior Berwick Prize.

Answer: J.E. Littlewood (1885 1977)