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As an Augustinian monk in Germany, I also was an early supporter of Martin Luther.

Because I did not conform with the Catholic faith and was unhappy with taking money from the poor, I was forced out of the monastery, sought refuge with Lutherans, and became a professor of mathematics at Jena University.

My most important published work is Arithmetica Integra, where I introduced innovations in mathematical notation, such as +, -, √ or even representing multiplication by juxtaposition (i.e. no intervening symbol).

I also introduced the term "exponent" amidst tables of integers and powers of 2; mathematicians today claim my work is an early version of a logarithmic table.

My big mistake was publishing anonymously Ein Rechenbuchlin vom EndChrist. Apocalyps in Apocalypsim (A Book of Arithmetic about the AntiChrist. A Revelation in the Revelation), where I predicted that Judgement Day and the world's end was at 8am on October 19, 1533...when this prediction failed, I never made another prediction.

Answer: Michael Stifel (1487 - 1567)