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Born in Bamberg, Germany, I joined the Jesuit order in 1555.

I attended the University of Coimbra in Portugal, where I was tutored by the famous mathematician Pedro Nunes.

I am responsible for the adoption of a rigorous mathematics curriculum within the Jesuit order, despite it being an age when mathematics was often ridiculed by philosophers and theologians.

I was the first person to use decimal points in publishing goniometric tables used to measure angles for computing altitudes of objects.

As an astronomer who knew and respected Galileo, I stubbornly backed the geocentric model of the solar system, even though I admitted there were problems with a view of the planets rotating around the earth.

I was the main architect of the modern Gregorian calendar, being assigned the task to halt the slow drift of the Church's holidays away from the seasons of the year.

Answer: Christopher Clavius (1538 - 1612)