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Born in St. Louis, I am not a mathematician but am the sister of the mathematician Julia Robinson.

During WWII, I helped build B-24 bombers in a local factory, even publishing memoir about the experience..

After receiving a B.A. from San Diego State University and a M.Ed. from the University of California, Berkeley, I taught English and journalism.

Leaving teaching, I became a free-lance writer, specializing in mathematics...though never getting any formal training in this area.

My first mathematical publication was an article on perfect numbers for Scientific American, where some readers objected "that articles in Scientific American should be written by authorities in their fields and not by housewives!"

Inspired by E.T. Bell's Men of Mathematics, I wrote biographies of David Hilbert, Richard Courant, and Jerzy Neyman....and finally, a biography about my beloved sister Julia.

One of the most difficult biographies I wrote was about Eric Temple Bell, as he was very secretive about his early life....the end result perhaps read more like a detective story than a biography.

Answer: Constance Reid (1918 - 2010)