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Biomedical Mathematicians?

All of the following mathematicians share a common element...they made significant contributions to biomedicine as well (in the combined fields of biology, physiology, and medicine). Can you identify them...by unscrambling their names?

  • STUIRCOMED: I was a geometer who studied and dissected animals
  • KLEERP: Known as a mathematician and astronomer, I also studied pupillary contraction and nearsightedness
  • TRACSEEDS: I founded analytic geometry, but also studied nerve networks and wrote the first text in physiology
  • LOUNLIBER: I contributed to probability, equation theory, and differential equations, while also integrating mathematics into epidemiology and calculating cardiac output
  • NOBUFF: I invented geometric probability, and also established the foundations of genetics and evolution
  • RIDEDOT: I contributed to mathematics in areas of differential equations and geometry, but also contributed to psychology, physiology, and theory of natural selection
  • CAPELLA: I was a key researcher in differential equations and probability, but also interpreted respiration as a form of slow biological oxidation
  • RATREVOL: Though known for my work in functional analysis and integral equations, I also studied population models in mathematical ecology
  • YARDH: I am known best for my work in number theory and analysis, but also have eponymic fame for my work in population genetics


Source: Adapted from C. Wang's "Mathematics in Biomedicine," AMM, June 1979, p. 501